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Saint Bernadette


Lourdes Poem - A Holy Place

On a cold winter day in a little French town,

A girl whom we didn't know yet,

Walked with her friends along a path,

Her name was Bernadette.

It was 1858, and the town was Lourdes,

The girls gathered wood for home.

They came to a creek that was icy cold

And the friends crossed it alone.

Bernadette stood and watched them go

She wished she could go along,

But she had asthma, it was hard to breathe

And she wasn't very strong.

She watched and waited for their return,

A Grotto was there nearby,

When all of a sudden a strong wind blew

And she looked up toward the sky.

Then in the Grotto appeared a Lady

Wearing a gown of white

There were golden roses at her feet

And around her a shining light.

The Lady was holding a Rosary

It was white with a golden chain

She held it in her hand to pray,

And Bernadette did the same.

She didn't know who the Lady was

She didn't speak that day

Bernadette returned the following week

Again she knelt to pray.

The Lady “smiled and bowed her head”

Bernadette was filled with fear

She sprinkled the Lady with holy water

“And when I finished she disappeared.”

On the third visit the Lady spoke and asked her if she “would have

the grace to return to the Grotto for fifteen days.” Bernadette said yes.

The Lady asked her to go tell the priests

They should build a chapel there

Near the place where the Grotto stood

A place of peace and prayer.

She pointed to the ground by the Grotto

And told Bernadette to wash and drink

She saw “only a bit of muddy water”

But didn't stop to think.

She obeyed and started digging

And soon some water flowed

Over the days it became a spring

A wonder to behold.

During the weeks and months to come

Thousands of people came.

They never saw or heard the Lady,

But believed in her just the same.

She last appeared to Bernadette on July 16, 1858. On October 30,

1867 Bernadette became a nun of the Sisters of Charity. Over the

years she was in poor health and was given the Last Rites four times.

She died April 16, 1879.She was 35 years old.

She was canonized a Saint on December 8, 1933.

Today the waters freely flow

 With miracles and grace,

Where Mary spoke to Bernadette

There in that Holy Place.

The most spectacular of all the incorruptibles’ is St Bernadette’s

miraculously preserved body. The face of Bernadette is one of

surreal beauty, and will remain for us always the face that

gazed into the eyes of the Mother of God.

By Mrs N.Halgren


Saint Bernadette
Saint Bernadette


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