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 Historical Sites - of Lourdes 
The town of Lourdes became famous worldwide shortly after the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Discover throughout this page all the historical sites and monuments of Lourdes including the Boly Mill, the Cachot and the sanctuary along with many other important sites where Bernadette lived and suffered.
The Lagues House
The Lagues House in Bartres 3 kilometres from Lourdes. Marie Lagues had just lost her son and Bernadette was sent to take the place of her Maries son, Bernadette was loved and nursed their shortly after her birth
The Lagues House - Kitchen
The Lagues House - Kitchen in Bartres
The Cachot was a former jail and where the Soubirious family lived. Bernadette live in the Cachot when she collected the firewood on the 11th of february 1858 where she vas visited by the Virgin Mary for the first time, the first of 18 apparitions. From hear she was taken into the hospice run by the sisters of Nervers in 15th july 1860 due to an out brake of plage causing her Asthma and leading to her death in 1879
The Grotto at the time of the apparitions, this is an original photo of how he grotto looked
Arm Chair Bernadette Died in
In the museum of Nervers rests the armchair that Bernadette sadly died in aged 35 after yet another attach of asthma
Boly Mill
The Soubirous family lived in Boly Mill. when Bernadette was born 1844. Her parents were locally known as the Millers of Boly
Boly Mill - Bedroom
Boly Mill - The room where Bernadette was born 7th January
The Maison Paternelle
The Maison Paternelle was simal to the Boly Mill and belonged to Monsieur lacade, the Mayor of Lourdes. In 1863 Farther Peyramale rented it out to the Soubirous family then in 1867 the house as given to Bernadettes farther while Bernadette remains in the hospice. This helped Bernadette to receive an education, and she often can home to sleep at her parents house. On the 8th december 1866 Bernadettes mother died followed by her farther in 1871.
Lourdes hospice where Bernadette made her First Holy Communion
Bernadettes Rosary Beads
Saint Bernadettes Rosary Beads remain in her coffin placed in her hands
Bronze Casket
The bronze casket wich holds the body of Bernadette since 1962, a small amount of was covers the body of St Bernadette to help preservation

Above first left you have the Commissioner Jacomet the chief of police who was suspicious and merciless when it came to Bernadette and her storys of the apparitions, she was under constant surveillance.

Parish Farther Peyramale was the person most involved in the events that took place in the grotto, he inspired in Bernadette great fear and respect. Bernadette went to him 4 times with the request to build a chapel, but he did not belive in her words and he requested that Bernadette asked who is this Lady. once he believed in Bernadette he became a real supporter in the events of the Grotto and the construction of the Crypt and the Basilica of Our Lady in Lourdes.

Jacques Vital Dutour public prosecutor was convinced that Bernadette suffered hallucinations or was paid for the storys that came from the Grotto.


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